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Welcome To Team Crave - Fight Sports Plantation



1. World Class Coaching: Fight Sports is the 1 Team in Florida for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and ione of the best in the world. Sensei Yaniv is a Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Expert and High Level Competitor.

2. Coaching Staff Is: Professional, Friendly, High Energy, Fun, Motivational, Passionate, Experts in the Art.

3. Facility: Clean and 1 of a kind, 5000 sqft with the best Grappling mats, Full Gym Area, & Locker               Rooms.


4. Family: That is the vibe you will get when you are part of TEAM CRAVE. No Egos, No Attitudes, Only Love.

5. Curriculum: Many Schools have no curriculum on how they program there training. We have a step by step           Simple system for our students that breaks down by level and for kids breaks down by age group. 

6. We Care: Sensei Yaniv is 1000% Passionate about his Students and his Academy, If there is any issue it will get Fixed ASAP. 

7. Attendance: If you miss class, we will call, text, Facebook you. Many Schools once the student enrolls they forget About them. NOT US!!!

8. Progress: We Will set goals for you to hit and create you a road map to get to your goal. 

9. Events: At least once a month Team Crave - Fight Sports Plantation gets all the members together for a fun event such as Paintball, Bowling, UFC Fight Nights, BBQ, Beach, and parks. 

10. Bushido Code: We are 100% Bushido so many schools claim they are but they are the farthest thing from it, we don't just preach it we live it daily.  The Code: #1 Rectitude #2 Benevolence #3 Politeness #4 Honesty #5 Honor #6 Loyalty #7 Character    


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